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Painting Company Business Bay Dubai

TBN Technical Services Established in 2011, our company has years of experience to provide high quality painting services in the town. We do Interior Painting, Exterior Painting, Apartment Painting, Villa Painting, Painter Business Bay Dubai. If your room or apartment’s walls is mess so give a change to your room and make it lively and most beautiful by wall painting. Wall painting is not a simple task in Business Bay Dubai you have to be careful and think twice to choose a color or art for your wall. We have the most experienced and qualified masters of wall paints for home and outdoor. Wall painting and Portrait of animals, people, machines and building are mostly used by many people in Business Bay Dubai. Wall painting include abstract painting and landscape painting. Mostly portrait are used in bedrooms and libraries. Our goal and main purpose is to make your room a perfect room which looks more modern outlook by portrait or painting room’s wall.

Painting Work in Business Bay Dubai

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Painting Services in Business Bay Dubai

 Interior & Exterior Painting
 Commercial & Residential Painting
 Kids Room Painting
 Decorative Art Painting
 Wood Work Painting
 Wall & Ceiling Painting
 Doors & Floor Painting
 Spray & Acrylic Painting
 Polishing & Varnishing
 Primer Painting & Enamel Painting
 Oil Based & Water Based Painting
 Abstract & Figurative Painting
 Sponch & Re- Touch Painting

Our Painting Price in Business Bay Dubai

Type of Flat Off-White Color Other Color Change Color
Studio  650/- 850/- 1050/-
1-BR 950/- 1350/- 1450/-
2-BR 1450/-  2050/-  2150/-
3-BR 2150/- 2550/- 2750/-
4-BR 2750/- 3050/- 3550/-
Villa 2-BR 2150/- 2550/- 2750/-
Villa 3-BR 2750/- 3050/- 3550/-

How We Paint

  1. We Listen Your Requirement on Call
  2. Visit your  Work Location and give you Ballpark Estimates
  3. Deliver you Detailed Estimate / Quotation
  4. To start – We cover the area with protection and sheeting to prevent spills
  5. We fill any holes in the walls and ceilings
  6. We use sand paper to prepare the surfaces of the ceilings and walls
  7. If cost is not an issue we will use high grade lining paper
  8. We apply a watered down undercoat for new Plaster as new plaster absorbs paint
  9. We follow by applying an undercoat of paint or two coats if appropriate
  10. Finalize Work
  11. Customer Review and 100% Satisfaction Required
  12. Job is Closed

Interior Painting in Business Bay Dubai :

At TBN Technical Services we are experts in interior painting. A fresh coat of interior paint still remains the easiest and most affordable way to both increase the value of your Business Bay Dubai home and to give your home an update. Our professional Business Bay Dubai interior painters are the best in the business. They pay close attention to detail and always leave your home cleaner than they found it. If you are looking to update the interior of your home and remodeling is not an option, a new coat of interior Paint may be the solution you are looking for!

Exterior Painting in Business Bay Dubai :

TBN Technical Services has years of experience in exterior painting. There is a right way and a wrong way to paint the exterior of a home and we often see other professional painters doing the latter. The real trick in exterior painting is to prepare the service. That means removing all debree from the exterior of the home that could potentially prevent the paint from sticking. Our professional exterior painters in Business Bay Dubai will painting the exterior of your home to perfection. They will prepare the exterior of your home to make sure the paint will look great now and for years to come. Give us a call today and we’ll get started on your free and accurate estimate.

Commercial Painting in Business Bay Dubai :

TBN Technical Services has over years of experience providing expert commercial painting services. We are the best Painting Contractor in Business Bay Dubai. Painting the exterior of your commercial building can help drawl the attention of potential customers. Often, this will increase revenues for your business. When painting the interior of your commercial building, our professional commercial painters in Business Bay Dubai can assist you in picking the best color, and they will complete their work to perfection. It has been proven that painting the interior of your commercial building can change the mood of your customers and employees to help increase productivity and revenues. Give us a call today and see how affordable our commercial painting services are.

Kids Room Painting in Business Bay Dubai :

Kids room come in all styles, shapes, and sizes, so how do you design your own? We’ve got your bedroom decorating inspiration here. We offer some very stylish but practical ideas to help you give your bedroom from a very kiddish to an earthy look. We help you create a bedroom that looks great involves incorporating a personal touch as well as a kiddish touch. We take great care in making sure that your requirements are noted and implemented within your new fitted bedroom design.

Decorative Art Painting in Business Bay Dubai :

TBN Technical Services is the leading company in Business Bay Dubai offering murals, wall and ceiling faux finishes, decorative and canvas paintings, artistic personalized and customized paintings of all kind and on many surfaces. We gained our customer’s trust since we started in 2006 and became the most reliable commercial art service company in the UAE and the Gulf Countries after having successfully delivered numerous mural and painted art commissions for art consultants, hotels, residences, hospitals, schools, offices, restaurants and retailers.

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