Water Pump Repair Dubai

TBN Technical Services Dubai (Water Pump Repair Service) has quite a vast experience of giving choice service and great pump repair and establishment of pump frameworks to an extensive variety of businesses. Our claims to fame for repairing and introducing pumps incorporate outward, shut couples, submersible, flowing, split case and vertical turbine. Our repair work is sponsored by a 12 months guarantee according to our constrained guarantee. The repair authorities at TBN Technical Services Dubai (Water Pump Repair Service) are profoundly prepared and furnished with cutting edge apparatuses.

On location or In-Shop Services

TBN Technical Services Dubai (Water Pump Repair Service) is prepared to handle pumps up to 120″. Expansive pumps can be re-machined nearby utilizing versatile machining hardware. Check valves in pumping frameworks can bring about issues. Valves up to 60″ can be remade. Door, globe and check valves can be remade in line utilizing our versatile valve crushing hardware. TBN Technical Services Dubai (Water Pump Repair Service) has a 23,000 sq. ft. office in which we do our greatest repairs. We additionally do establishment and weight testing of mechanical seals before conveyance of the repaired pump. Emergency repair administrations and services are additionally accessible. On the off chance that your pump(s) is vibrating; mechanical seals are spilling; direction are running hot; or pumping limit is down – it might be an ideal opportunity to call us. We will give a review of your pump(s) and pump framework and give you a suggestion on what repairs might be required.

Water Pump Repair Dubai Services List:

☑ Water Pump Fixing & Repairing
☑ Water Pump Accesories Installation & Repairing
☑ Washing Machine Installation
☑ Cooking Range Repairing & Installation
☑ Flexible Pipe Changing Repairing & Fixing
☑ Sink, Shower, Wash Basin Mixer Repairing
☑ Replacing faucets, Exhaust fan Fixing
☑ Grouting or Re Grouting & Replacing silicone Sealant
☑ Bathroom Shower Door Repairing

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 What We Do

 Water Heater Installation
 Kitchen Assesries Installation
 Bath Accesries Installation
 Washing Machine Installation
 Dish Washer Installation
 Cooking Range Installation
 Toilet Fixing Tap Leak Fixing
 Toilet Flush Tank Leakage
 Flexible Pipe Changing
 Installing towel racks

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