Washing Machine Installation Dubai

TBN Technical services Dubai (Washing Machine Installation Service) has best and professional Washing Machine Installation experts and fixers. Our master installers can introduce your Washing Machine Installation or washer dryer to spare you the bother.

We can introduce your new Washing Machine Installation in the meantime we convey. We’ll likewise take away the bundling and reuse your old washing machine on the off chance that you need us to. You can mastermind a visit from our architects on anytime, for a large portion of the Dubai.

We’ll unload, check and interface your new washing machine so it’s prepared to utilize and guarantee the apparatus is level and that there are no holes.

Why choose us?

  • Proficient establishment by one of our master installers
  • We’ll guarantee your apparatus is completely working and prepared to utilize
  • We’ll separate your old apparatus for nothing

Washing Machine Installation Dubai Services List:

☑ Water Heater Leakage Repairing & Fixing
☑ Washing Machine Accesories Installation & Repairing
☑ Washing Machine Installation & Fixing
☑ Cooking Range & Washing Machine Installation & Fixing
☑ Toilet Fixing, Leak Fixing, Toilet Flush Tank Leakage Fixing
☑ Flexible Pipe Changing Installing & towel racks Installing
☑ Sink, Shower Repairing, Wash Basin Mixer Installing & Repairing
☑ Bathroom Shower Door Installation & Repairing

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What do we do?

  • Guarantee that the current electrical and pipes associations are sheltered to utilize, and are reasonable with the new machine.
  • Separate the current machine, un-box and check the new item.
  • Expel the travel jolts; interface your apparatus to a reasonable mains water supply inside 1.5 meters of your item and after that associate with a current electrical attachment.
  • Test to ensure there are no holes. Interface the waste hose to reasonable nozzle, down funnel and existing broadened waste associations.
  • Level the washing machine and watch that it’s completely working and operational.
  • Take the bundling from your new washing machine away. On the off chance that you buy our evacuation and reusing administration we’ll additionally take your old apparatus away.

 What We Do

 Water Heater Installation
 Kitchen Assesries Installation
 Bath Accesries Installation
 Washing Machine Installation
 Dish Washer Installation
 Cooking Range Installation
 Replacing faucets
 Exhaust fan repair
 Sink Mixer
 Shower Mixer
 Wash Basin Mixer
 Grouting or Re Grouting
 Replacing silicone Sealant
 Shower Door Installation

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