Curtain Rods Blinds Fixing Dubai

Do you have a broken rod or harmed Curtain Rods Blinds Fixing? At the point when these things happen to your window curtain treatment and are left in deterioration, they tend to just deteriorate. So stop on by TBN Technical Services Dubai (Curtain Rods Blinds Fixing Services) and look at our choice of substitution materials. Your window drapes, hangings, rods and blinds would all be able to be patched, and the missing parts would all be able to be found, generally in stock. When we find what you require your window curtains will look and work simply like the main day you got them.

If you require a little help with your window Curtain Rods Blinds Fixing, that is the thing that our decorations specialists are here for. Visit the make-up work area in the Furnishing Fabrics division of your neighborhood TBN Technical Services Dubai (Curtain Rods Blinds Fixing Services) office, and we can talk about and prompt you on your thoughts for window ornaments and blinds. On the off chance that you have your window estimations with you, we can compute the amount of fabric you’ll requirement for your task. 

Curtain Rods Blinds Fixing Services List:

☑ Curtain Rods Blinds Fixing
☑ Wallpaper Removing & Curtain Rods Blinds Fixing
☑ Interior  Wallpaper & Curtain Rods Blinds Fixing
☑ Hanging Wallpaper & Curtain Rods Blinds Fixing
☑ Rooms Curtain Rods Blinds Fixing
☑ Kids Rooms Wallpaper Fixing
☑ Assembling & Fixing Curtain Rods

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We offer 2 services which you can book through your nearby TBN Technical Services Dubai Office.

At-home evaluating

In the event that you’ve worked out what you need and the fabric you need to use for your curtain rods or blinds, you can book a free meeting with us to visit your home so we can measure up precisely for you. We can likewise figure your careful fabric necessities in light of that measure, and quote you a cost for a fixing and fitting services.

At-home fixing and fitting

In the event that we’ve quantified for and made up your curtain rods or blinds, we can come and fix and fit them for you. The charge for this service depends on the number and sort of things you need us to fit. Kindly ask in our office when you submit your request.

What We Do

✔ Fixing LCD TV
✔ Fixing Curtains blinds
✔ Hanging Lights lamps
✔ Changing hard to reach lights
✔ Cleaning A/C filters repairs
✔ Hanging pictures and photos
✔ Assembling shelves
✔ Fixing mirrors
✔ Fixing switches and sockets
✔ Repair door locks
✔ Repair cabinet hinges
✔ Interior exterior painting
✔ Touch up painting
✔ End of tenancy painting
✔ Emergency plumbing
✔ Garden plumbing
✔ Bathroom plumbing
✔ Kitchen plumbing
✔ Changing faucets
✔ Changing toilet flesh system
✔ Water heater fixing / repair
✔ Drain blocks removals

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