Curtain Hanging

TBN Technical Services Dubai (Curtain Hanging Services) is specialists at fitting all styles of blinds and Curtain Hanging.

Whether your curtains are made-to-gauge or should be trimmed to measure. Our multi-exchange Curtain Hanging  experts can help with the hanging and installation.

By getting to you quick on our armada of bikes and cars, our multi-gifted curtain hanging professionals lose less time in activity and abstain from stopping issues. This implies we can offer you an effective service at awesome worth at cash costs. Truth is told we promise a same-Day or Next-Day appointments.

We charge ‘by time’ for our visually impaired curtain fitting and hanging administrations.

Anticipate that each made-will gauge ignorant concerning take 15-20 minutes to hang the curtain. On the off chance that your blinds or curtains should be cut to estimate, anticipate that every visually impaired will take 25-40 minutes to fit. Curtain Hanging experts will give you a sign inside the principal half-hour on to what extent the Curtain Hanging will take. 

Curtain Hanging Services List:

☑ Curtain Hanging & Blinds Fixing
☑ Best Curtain Hanging
☑ Professional Curtain Hanging
☑ Room Curtain Hanging
☑ Kids Room Curtain Hanging
☑ Assembling & Fixing Curtain Rods

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Drape Track Fitting

TBN Technical Services Dubai (Curtain Hanging Services) is specialists at fitting a wide range of blind rails and posts, non-corded or corded, bended or straight. We can cut to measure and even hang your drapes if required.

Rails, blinds and posts can regularly be fitted effectively to the window outline or to the wall over the casing. At times the casing is not appropriate, the walls are not sufficiently strong to take fixings, or the blinds/window ornaments are uncommonly substantial. In these cases, a portion of pine wood, known as a strip, should be solidly altered to the wall to offer a reasonable bolster medium.

What We Do

✔ Fixing LCD TV
✔ Fixing Curtains blinds
✔ Hanging Lights lamps
✔ Changing hard to reach lights
✔ Cleaning A/C filters repairs
✔ Hanging pictures and photos
✔ Assembling shelves
✔ Fixing mirrors
✔ Fixing switches and sockets
✔ Repair door locks
✔ Repair cabinet hinges
✔ Interior exterior painting
✔ Touch up painting
✔ End of tenancy painting
✔ Emergency plumbing
✔ Garden plumbing
✔ Bathroom plumbing
✔ Kitchen plumbing
✔ Changing faucets
✔ Changing toilet flesh system
✔ Water heater fixing / repair
✔ Drain blocks removals

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✔ Best Curtain Hanging
✔ Professional Curtain Hanging
✔ Curtain Hanging Services
✔ Curtain Hanging Company
✔ Curtain Hanging Repair