Blinds Hanging Dubai

TBN Technical Services Dubai (Blind Hanging Services) has been introducing window ornaments and blinds in Dubai area and the surrounding areas. They comprehend that curtain and blinds in your home can change a room and in addition add protection and endeavor to serve you rapidly. They have the ability and aptitudes important to install and hang your blinds or window curtains and blinds to adorn your home, including installation of wall mount equipment and hanging shades and blinds.

Throughout the over the years, TBN Technical Services Dubai (Blind Hanging Services)  experts have been giving blind and curtains installations including:

  • Substitution of existing wall covers, including shower blinds and curtains, wall mount hardware, Venetian blinds, and shades
  • Establishment of wall mount hardware things
  • Establishment of mechanized shades, blinds and draperies
  • Hanging blinds and curtains on installed wall mounted hardware

Our completely experienced group of curtain and Blind Hanging experts, with so much years of experience will visit your home; install and hang the following framework, posts sheets or any fitting you require to hang your Blind Hanging/curtains. 

Curtain Blinds Hanging Services List:

☑ Curtain Blinds Fixing
☑ Wallpaper Removing & Curtain Blinds Fixing
☑ Interior  Wallpaper & Curtain Blinds Fixing
☑ Hanging Wallpaper & Curtain Blinds Fixing
☑ Rooms Curtain Blinds Fixing
☑ Kids Rooms Wallpaper Fixing
☑ Assembling & Fixing Curtain Rods

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Always complete projects on time

We will then take last estimations to guarantee the completed item is great. The fitters and hanging experts will come back with your completed blinds/curtains install and steam to free your drapes of wrinkles, and set them on their route to the ideal hang.

They will then dress your blinds and curtains to give you the ideal completion. Our fitters and hanging experts value leaving your home as they found aside from your new drapes/blinds.

What We Do

✔ Fixing LCD TV
✔ Fixing Curtains blinds
✔ Hanging Lights lamps
✔ Changing hard to reach lights
✔ Cleaning A/C filters repairs
✔ Hanging pictures and photos
✔ Assembling shelves
✔ Fixing mirrors
✔ Fixing switches and sockets
✔ Repair door locks
✔ Repair cabinet hinges
✔ Interior exterior painting
✔ Touch up painting
✔ End of tenancy painting
✔ Emergency plumbing
✔ Garden plumbing
✔ Bathroom plumbing
✔ Kitchen plumbing
✔ Changing faucets
✔ Changing toilet flesh system
✔ Water heater fixing / repair
✔ Drain blocks removals

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